[Eeglablist] Batch Processing of multiple EEG datasets

Krogmeier, Claudia M ckrogmei at purdue.edu
Sun Apr 11 06:45:38 PDT 2021


I have 20 subjects each with 2 runs, for a total of 40 EEG datasets in which the task and procedure was the same for all runs.

What is the best workflow for preprocessing? Previously I have processed each individual dataset (one run) alone, but I understand ICA may be slightly different each time due to its random learning rate.

Is it recommended to concatenate each subject's 2 runs, and preprocess those as a merged dataset?   My baseline recording is at the start of each run, and I would like to do baseline normalization. Is this still possible with a merged dataset?

Is it recommended to concatenate all datasets from all subjects for preprocessing, or is it recommended to write a script to loop through all subjects - which then would do a slightly different ICA decomposition for each subject?

Thank you for any pointers in processing multiple subjects.

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