[Eeglablist] Importing OpenBCI in EEGLAB

Karambir Singh Khalsa, CEO info at gongtones.org
Fri Apr 16 17:02:14 PDT 2021

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions related to my dissertation research study
measuring frontal Alpha asymmetry and frontal midline Theta.

1) I have 16 channels of EEG recorded using the OpenBCI Ultracortex
Mark-IV headset which is saved as text files. I have seen some MATLAB
code and a description of how to upload first to MATLAB and then load
into EEGLAB. Is there an extension similar to the one to upload .csv
files generated using Mind Monitor?

2) Due to COVID-19 I had to alter the research design mid-study and
switch over to meeting with participants via Zoom using a Muse MU-02
headset. The result was that while we had been measuring frontal midline
Theta at F3/F4 with the Ultracortex, we were restricted to a single
auxiliary electrode which was placed at approximately FCz (I had to
accommodate participants lack of EEG expertise as well as those with
lots of hair so the location was never exact). I want to aggregate the
data recorded at F3/F4 with the data recorded at FCz. My thought was
that it might be possible to calculate the mean of the data recorded at
F3/F4 (n = 6) in order to aggregate with the data recorded at FCz (n =
20). Can this be done and if so, is there a video describing the process?

Thanks in advance+



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