[Eeglablist] Within-Subject Comparisons

Scott Makeig smakeig at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 13:56:58 PDT 2021

Fiona -

I have just seen this email, which seems to have gone unanswered in
December. Unfortunately, separating the electrode channels into left vs.
right will not cleanly separate brain activity generated in the two
hemispheres because of the broad spread of volume conduction from
anywhere in the brain (e.g., cortex) to the scalp. Using ICA decomposition,
however, you could separate right from left hemispheric activities.

Scott Makeig

On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 5:58 PM Fiona Mitchell Baumer <fbaumer at stanford.edu>

> Hello – I have a study in which I would like to compare left and right
> hemispheric responses to auditory/language stimuli (across 15 subjects) and
> am wondering if there is any way to do this in EEG lab using the study
> design? I was not able to figure out how to do this from the GUI and did
> not see any postings about this on the mailing list (except a post from
> 2018 without responses). I have tried removing all left and all right EEG
> electrodes from a single dataset and uploading these separately (i.e. as 2
> sessions or 2 conditions), but the Study Design does not recognize this due
> to different number/name of electrodes.
> I was hoping to do this via the Study Design as I’m a novice Matlab user
> and the Study design has nice features in terms of being able to visualize
> findings and correct for multiple comparisons that I have not been able to
> figure out how to do via the command line.
> Thank you!
> Fiona Baumer, MD
> Instructor in Child Neurology
> Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
> Stanford University
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