[Eeglablist] IEEE 2021 SMC Brain-Machine Interface Workshop (5 days left)

Falk, Tiago Henrique Tiago.Falk at inrs.ca
Mon May 10 12:18:12 PDT 2021

Dear colleagues,

The paper submission deadline to the IEEE SMC Brain-Machine Interface Workshop is only five days away! This will be the last extension given, so please make sure you have your papers ready for submission by May 15, 2021.

The IEEE SMC Brain-Machine Interface Workshop will be held virtually from October 17-20, 2021. It will feature a number of special events, including the BR41N.IO BCI Hackathon, the ceremony of the International 2021 BCI Award, several keynote and invited speakers, and an expert panel on neurotechnology innovations amidst a global pandemic. Please find the Call for Papers here: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://musaelab.ca/bmi21/files/CFP_BMI2021.pdf__;!!Mih3wA!T6TkQxbMwWihPhSGmTQBrGfdhcdgr0HYiaA1j-MBp-qo9clnpqPrdBWrPb2Fuxo1F9Rn0g$ 

The following Special Sessions have been approved and papers are also invited to the BMI Workshop Regular Papers track.

1. New Trends in Brain-Machine Interfacing (Chairs: Ivan Volosyak, Christoph Guger) session id: 1f335
2. Brain-Inspired Autonomous Systems (Chairs: Yingxu Wang, Henry Leung) session id: 3n9ds
3. Brain-Machine Interfaces withn Extended Reality Applications (Chairs: Tiago Falk and Dean Krusienski) session id:h2138

Important Dates
Paper submission due: May 15, 2021
Notification of paper acceptance: June 25, 2021
Final manuscript due: July 26, 2021
Conference website: https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://musaelab.ca/bmi21/smc2021_bmi.html__;!!Mih3wA!T6TkQxbMwWihPhSGmTQBrGfdhcdgr0HYiaA1j-MBp-qo9clnpqPrdBWrPb2FuxpO3lyPQg$ 

Hope to see many of you at the virtual Workshop in October!

on behalf of the general co-chairs

Tiago H. Falk
Associate Professor, INRS-EMT
Director, MuSAE Lab
800 Rue de la Gauchetière Ouest,
suite 6900 (NW wing)
Montreal, QC, Canada

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