[Eeglablist] Import SEF

Matthias Liebrand matthew-summit at hotmail.de
Tue May 11 02:36:03 PDT 2021

Dear eeglablist,

i already searched quite a bit on the internet and couldn't find a solution, so I hope I may pass the question on to you. Does anyone know a way how to import eeg files from the "simple eeg format" (extension: .sef) into eeglab? The format is used/written by the program Cartool, established in Geneva for eeg data processing. I already found out that I can import the .sef into Cartool, then export as .bdf and then import the .bdf-file into eeglab, but this takes quite some time. So I would be very thankful for an option of a direct import into eeglab. BIOSIG and FILE-IO toolboxes unfortunately do not support the .sef-format

Best wishes an many thanks in advance,

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