[Eeglablist] Time/frequency baseline limits

Jessie Hart Szostakiwskyj hart.jessiemarie at gmail.com
Mon May 17 13:07:23 PDT 2021

Hi there, 

I am looking at conducting time frequency analysis on single trials that are fairly long (9 - 60 seconds) using a baseline. When I run this through the GUI with the baseline that we actually have for this data, I am told " There are no sample points in the default baseline. This may happen even though the data timepoints overlap with the baseline period”. It seems as though this message appears whenever I enter a baseline that is less than 10% of the total length. 

Is this length that is required for the newtimef function, is there any way around this?

We currently have a 400ms baseline, which is not enough, but would like to do our best with it to show what we can with the pilot data. 

Thank you!


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