[Eeglablist] coherence between subsets of electrodes

Magda Gawłowska mag.gawlowska at gmail.com
Sun May 23 15:36:00 PDT 2021

Dear All,

I'm currently trying to figure out a way to compute NxN coherence in the
electrode space. In short, I have 256 channel resting-state data (open and
closed eyes) for two groups and I want to extract a coherence matrix, then
run group x condition analysis.

First of all, I wanted to figure out a way to compute the coherence not
between the singular electrodes but between electrode groups. I thought
about averaging the signal from the electrodes before computing coherence,
but I think that in this case a simple solution is probably not the best
one. I did find some data-driven approaches e.g. extracting functional
units (based on this paper:
https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/4433991__;!!Mih3wA!TxzbfsYnXtDEVN3Rl16GNnMzoZCsQgqrmfz45ep1oqoO_QuQlfQAl-W3UE0QUlDxLroWRA$ ). However, I get bug
after bug and when I fix one problem, another appears. Up until now I've
been able to figure out my scripts one way or another,  but this one drives
me crazy.

Does any of you can suggest a different approach to this kind of analysis?
Or maybe some of you used the approach I mentioned and can guide me on how
to make this method work?

Second of all - assuming that the firsts step is done ;) and I'm am a happy
owner of the coherence maps - how do you compare them? The only thing that
comes to my mind is extracting some kind of graph index to do so... Do you
have any ideas regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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