[Eeglablist] Icaspec not found

Andrade Rey René rene.andrade at edu.uah.es
Tue May 25 15:10:45 PDT 2021

Dear community:

I am trying to run an analysis of an ERP study in one subject with Muse device. I have several raw data files with 5mins of recording. I used a period of time of 100-200ms for 2 files only one subject 2 conditions (pre and post) and I get to a point where I have to do clustering (Build preclustring array spectra ERPs ERSPs ITCs) but then I get this error.

File path/to/working_directory/S01.icaspec not found, 

(Error occurred in function testv6() at line 407)

For precompute channel measures (ERPs Power spectrum)

Eeg_checkset error: the event info structure does not contain an ‘epoch’ field. Should EEGLAB attempt to abort operation? (press Cancel to fix the problem from the commandline)

I go to Tool> Extract epochs > Epoch limits (-1 2, 100 200, 0 100) I try with these different options and I always get 

Multiple dataset warning 
When processing multiple datasets, it is not possible to enter new names for the newly created datasets and old datasets are overwritten. You may still cancel this operation though. 
The study was not compatible any more with the datasets present in memory. Since it had not changed since last saved, it was simply removed from memory. 


Back to square one. 

Rene Andrade.

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