[Eeglablist] AMICA installation

Riek, Nathan Tyler NTR14 at pitt.edu
Thu May 27 07:40:28 PDT 2021

I am using MATLAB 2019b and the latest version of eeglab. I installed AMICA1.5.1 using the built-in plugin installer in eeglab. I ran the mpich2-1.4-win-x86-64.msi file and installed it. When I try to use AMICA using the eeglab GUI with the default parameters I get the following output:

First, I get an Amica warning pop-up saying that I need to install the MPI library (I already installed it).

Next, the MPICH install wizard pops up with options to repair or remove MPICH.

Finally, I get the following MATLAB output:

No datfile field found in EEG structure. Will write temp file.
Writing data file: C:\Users\nater\OneDrive\Documents\College\Research\eeglab2021.0\tmpdata81472.fdt
A subdirectory or file C:\Users\nater\OneDrive\Documents\College\Research\eeglab2021.0\processedData\filtered\amicaout\ already exists.
No gm present, setting num_models to 1
No W present, exiting
Reference to non-existent field 'W'.
Error in runamica15 (line 894)
    weights = mods.W(:,:,1);
Error in pop_runamica (line 242)
    [W,S,mods] = runamica15(EEG.data(:,:),arglist{:});
Error while evaluating Menu Callback.

I made sure to not have any spaces in the path name. I also tried installing AMICA from the directions on Dr. Palmer’s page. Using function calls instead of the eeglab GUI left me with the same error. Are there any other fixes I can try?


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