[Eeglablist] Regarding EEG amplifier ICs

Eswari Priya priya.eswari at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 08:39:22 PDT 2021

Dear EEGLAB members,
I am a PhD student in IIT Madras.We are 12 in a group, working in motor
Particularly I am interested in EEG - MRCP signal analysis during
voluntary and unpredictable perturbation when holding an object.. I am
interested in correlating EEG signals and hand kinetic signals during
object manipulation. In our lab we have ATI Nana sensors for the
measurement of Hand kinetic signals. We are measuring load force and Grip
force of the hand during object manipulation.
Now we are interested in the acquisition of EEG signals simultaneously with
the force data. We are acquiring force data through LabVIEW software.
Hence we are in need of an EEG acquisition system which can be programmed
(EEG acquisition) in LabVIEW/Matlab simulink. So that force data and EEG
data can be synchronised.
Kindly suggest me the ICs or amplifiers or acquisition system which I can

Thanks and regards
PhD Scholar,
Neuromechanics Lab, IITM

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