[Eeglablist] Read in Neuralynx .nrd file to MATLAB to convert to EEGLAB-compatible file

Ania Holubecki ania.holubecki at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 10:24:50 PDT 2021

Good afternoon,

I would like to read in a Neuralynx raw data file (.nrd) to MATLAB on Linux
so that I can convert it to a file format compatible with EEGLAB. I am
aware of the MATLAB Import/Export MEX Files available on the Neuralynx
website for Windows, as well as the Unix / Linux / Mac OS X versions
created by Ueli Rutishauser. However, while there is a MEX file for .nrd in
Windows, there is not a version for Unix / Linux / Mac OS X. Currently our
lab is only using Macs and Unix/Linux. Have other labs had success in
importing .nrd files to MATLAB in these other systems?


*Ania Holubecki*

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