[Eeglablist] Position with Army Research Lab at UC Irvine

Ramesh Srinivasan srinivar at uci.edu
Wed Jun 16 09:16:19 PDT 2021

DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory is recruiting postdoctoral fellows
to broadly advance methodological approaches to hybridizing cognition using
human-human and human-silico dyads in experimental studies of decision
making with complex information streams. The research makes use of
a variety of physiological system sensors (including EEG and fNIRS) and
other metrics to infer individual and heterogeneous teaming “states”. The
research also proposes to investigate the use of brain stimulation to
optimize dyadic decision making performance. Candidates must have strong
analytical skills, experience in machine learning, and may come from a
variety of disciplines, to add to an already highly distributed
and multi-disciplinary team that includes physicists, neuroscientists,
engineers, and social scientists.  Backgrounds in artificial intelligence,
physics, engineering, data science, network science, computer science,
computational neuroscience, or similar, are preferred. Importantly,
the researcher will need to collaborate with team members outside their
immediate discipline so comfort with exploring and learning new fields of
study is expected while simultaneously leading independent research. The
successful candidate will provide a crucial role in linking the ARL team
with experimental and computational research at the Human Neuroscience
Laboratory at UC Irvine (Ramesh Srinivasan, PI). Interested candidates
should contact Dr. Javier Garcia (Javier.o.garcia.civ at mail.mil) along with
CV and informational materials. Applicants are encouraged to submit a cover
letter that explains how their expertise and computational background is
suited to tackle the above challenge(s) or any additional information they
find relevant.

See attached for longer description.
Ramesh Srinivasan
Professor and Chair
Department of Cognitive Sciences

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