[Eeglablist] How to produce a list of Brodmann Areas for each IC dipole?

Curtis Bingham cnbingham at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 20:01:04 PDT 2021



I want to create a list of nearest Brodmann areas to each IC dipole position. 


Previously I could create such in the Java Talairach app which would allow me to paste a list of Talairach coordinates and it would display Brodmann areas for each.


However, that Talairach app is no longer workable on any platform due to its dependence upon unsupported versions of Java. 


How can this output be replicated in EEGLAB?  


In looking at the Dipfit 4.0 code, Arnaud recently added a LORETA Talairach Atlas (LORETA-Talairach-BAs.mat|csv) that is derived from the Talairach app. 


The function atlas_lookup() looks to be nearly exactly what I'm looking for, but the function is private and inaccessible. I know I can move it out of the private directory and use it. 


However, it appears that ft_volumelookup should return an array of labels for each position in the input array, but I cannot find the proper cfg and volume to use as function inputs and I'm not quite sure how to create them.


It does appear that pop_leadfield() called from the main GUI under the Dipfit submenu loads the atlas and augments the  EEG.dipfit.sourcemodel and EEG.dipfit.sourcemodel.cfg fields. But they lack some of the fields required by ft_volumelookup.


Any ideas how to pull an array of nearest Brodmann Areas to each IC dipole position?


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