[Eeglablist] STUDY structure in EEGLABv2021

Agatha Lenartowicz alenarto at g.ucla.edu
Mon Jun 28 14:23:33 PDT 2021

Hi all. Exploring the new layout in EEGLAB v2021 I see that STUDY no longer has (a) a field where users can specify the path to design files, and, (b) the option to select subsets of epochs based on additional criteria (event fields).

Furthermore when I load up an old study and go to view results (data or IC) the existing design files are not recognized (even if I manually set the correct file path in STUDY.design(x).filepath).

I’ve been trying to search the archives and the online help files for an answer but can’t find it. I just started digging into the small section on “files” so I suspect I know the answer to #3 but please do clarify!

So the questions are as above:

1) How do we specify a path for design files?
2) How do specify subsets of events to include in the design?
3) Is there a change to the design files that would preclude them from being recognize in the pop_chanplot() viewer?

Many thanks

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