[Eeglablist] eeglab nogui for startup

Balázs Knakker bknakker at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 02:22:26 PDT 2021

Dear List,

I'm looking for a way to initialize scripts that run without a GUI in the
bacground; particularly, the way I do it currently seems to go awry. I want
my environment perfectly contained in my scripts, that is, I don't want to
rely on MATLAB's local path saving functions or session persistence (other
project require a different environment). So I prefer to have a script that
sets up the path from scratch at the start of each session.

The particular problem is that to build up the path when I start my
analysis script, I use the 'eeglab nogui' command - I prefer not to have
windows popping around when running analyses in the background. However, I
noticed some oddities in terms of the plugins in this case, listed below.

1) The plugin versions are not detected correctly based on the startup
2) Maybe relatedly(?), e.g. the ERPLAB plugin does not correctly load. Is
this an issue with ERPLAB possibly, relying too much on the GUI setup for
initialisation? Do I have to initialise it somehow separately if I work
without the GIO? As a counterexample, the bvaio plugin seems OK.

Anyone with similar experiences maybe have workarounds? (e.g. I guess
people use EEGLAB on clusters, where this mode of operation could be
important.) Is this something that might be reasonable to file an issue

Thank you!
Balázs Knakker

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