[Eeglablist] EEGLAB 2021.1 pre-release

Delorme, Arnaud adelorme at ucsd.edu
Mon Jul 26 14:27:36 PDT 2021

Follow the instructions below if you want to preview the EEGLAB release next week.

1. Go to EEGLAB preferences and select the option “If set, show advanced options…”
2. Close (press OK), select EEGLAB preferences again, and select the option “If set, show pending plugins…”
3. Close (press OK), then restart EEGLAB. A message should appear indicating a new version of EEGLAB is available (EEEGLAB 2021.1rc - rc is for release candidate). This option allows you to see plugins that are still pending inclusion and pending EEGLAB releases as well. 
4. Let EEGLAB install the new version and check that everything is working for you

Do not forget to revert your preference afterward.

The automatic installation will not delete any of your files, and the new version of EEGLAB will be installed in a new folder that you can later delete.
Let us know of any problem you might encounter,


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