[Eeglablist] Latency (time) ranges and Best Channels for each ERP component

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Mon Aug 9 10:01:27 PDT 2021

Dear Pal

Thanks for your input. I know they have some element of uncertainty to
them. But the likelihood of their appearance is much higher during some
time window and on some spatial positions.

I need these windows and positions.

Kind regards

On Mon, Aug 9, 2021 at 11:48 AM Pål Gunnar Larsson <pall at ous-hf.no> wrote:

> The components are integrated parts of subcomponents. Hence, they don't
> start at a given time and they don't have distinct location. This is due to
> the large parallelization in the nervous system.
> If you want to explore structures in the brain, you can set up a source
> space recording to help with local activities.
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> Dear all
> In order to identify each of the ERP components on the ERPs, I need to know
> the time ranges for each of the components. For example, for P300, we
> expect its peak to happen somewhere (actually sometime) between 250 ms and
> 500 ms from the onset of the stimulus. I need these 'time ranges' for a
> rather large number of different ERP components.
> Also each ERP component tends to peak in certain EEG channels more than the
> others.
> Do you know *a reference (some articles or a books)* that explains and
> lists the latency ranges for all ERP components? Otherwise, if you know the
> information regarding a few ERP components, please let me know so I can ask
> you about my ERP components of interest.
> Additionaly, do you know references that explain and list each EEG channel
> that is the best electrode (spatial position) in the 10-20 system for
> detection of different ERP components?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Best regards,
> Vic
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