[Eeglablist] creating a study

zahra fotovatnia fotovatnia at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 20 21:42:04 PDT 2021

Hello all
I tried to use an m file to create a study. Things work out in the beginning. All files are loaded (pop_loadset(): loading file 37110UNC.set ...). Then it crashed and I got these errors. As I got from the errors, some files are continuous. I already used Makoto's scripts to process the files and I even exported numbers to use In SPSS. It does not make sense to me what the errors mean. This is the content of the m file (the script I used):
[ALLEEG EEG CURRENTSET ALLCOM] = eeglab;cd('D:\folders\zahra3\data_analysis\Tehran_EEGworkshop_2021\study_EEGdata\English_Persian\')[STUDY ALLEEG] = std_editset( STUDY, ALLEEG, 'name','English_Persian',...        'task', 'word_decision, N400',...        'filename', 'English_Persian.study','filepath', 'D:\folders\zahra3\data_analysis\Tehran_EEGworkshop_2021\study_EEGdata\English_Persian\','commands',{ ...{ 'index' 1 'load' '113NW.set'     'subject' 'S01'  'condition'  'NW'  }, ...{ 'index' 280 'load' '37110UIC.set' 'subject' 'S037'  'condition'  'UIC'  }, ...{ 'index' 281 'load' '37110UNC.set' 'subject' 'S037'  'condition'  'UNC'  }, ...{ 'dipselect' 0.15 } });

 I appreciate your help in advance.Zahra

Important warning: some datasets do not have condition codes; some functions may crash!Warning: file name has changed for dataset 237 and the study has been updated         to discard this change in the study, reload it from disk.******************************************************************** IMPORTANT WARNING: SOME DATASETS DO NOT HAVE CHANNEL LABELS AND  SOME OTHERs HAVE CHANNEL LABELS. GENERATING CHANNEL LABELS FOR  THE FORMER DATASETS (THIS SHOULD PROBABLY BE FIXED BY THE USER).********************************************************************Generating channel labels for all datasets...Rebuilding trial information structure for STUDYWarning: some datasets are continuous and trial information cannot be createdWarning: some datasets are continuous and trial information cannot be createdUndefined operator '==' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Error in strmatch (line 89)            if ~isempty(strs) && any(strs(:,end)==null)
Error in std_getindvar (line 86)                    eval( [ 'datind = strmatch(tmpvals{c}, { setinfo.' ff{index} '}, ''exact'');' ] );
Error in std_makedesign (line 202)[indvars, indvarvals, ~, paired] = std_getindvar(STUDY);
Error in std_checkset (line 229)        STUDY  = std_makedesign(STUDY, ALLEEG);
Error in std_editset (line 227)            STUDY = std_checkset(STUDY, ALLEEG);
Error in create_study (line 5)[STUDY ALLEEG] = std_editset( STUDY, ALLEEG, 'name','English_Persian',...

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