[Eeglablist] 'Event type' field in EEGLAB

Kirandeep Kaur kkaur.aiims at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 02:22:30 PDT 2021

Dear all,
Thank you for your comments.

This is EEGLAB 2021.1. Apparently, this feature seems to specific to EGI
(.mff) files, since I tried to load a .set file and dit did not prompt any
such command.

Here is the sequence of commands I have followed:
>File > import data > Using EEGLAB functions and plugins > import EGI .mff
I have attached a screenshot of the prompt I get. It is mandatory to select
a field, if I choose to cancel the data does not load.

On Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 9:59 PM Iversen, John <jiversen at ucsd.edu> wrote:

> Hi Kirandeep,
> I expect you'll need to give more info about your import to get any useful
> help--what import function, what version of EEGLAB and import plugin, and
> at what stage does it ask for an event field type?
> As far as the event fields, this would be a good place to start:
> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__eeglab.org_tutorials_04-5FImport_Importing-5FEvent-5FEpoch-5FInfo.html-23recognized-2Devent-2Dfields&d=DwIFaQ&c=-35OiAkTchMrZOngvJPOeA&r=kB5f6DjXkuOQpM1bq5OFA9kKiQyNm1p6x6e36h3EglE&m=XWWIFdZuqU7eukN1MSqKPUvAN7ddfq3-GruU1Du-vwA&s=frQYZ4Pzk7RxJgnTIgoreyOfafxw2ldihbM9YV6Zd88&e= 
> On Aug 26, 2021, at 2:53 AM, Kirandeep Kaur via eeglablist <
> eeglablist at sccn.ucsd.edu> wrote:
> Dear all, I work with resting state data collected from 128 channel EGI
> system.
> Recently, EEGLAB is not importing data without having me specify my
> 'event-field type'. But I have not marked any events in my data.
> Can someone suggest how I should proceed, and also is there a link from
> where I can understand what do each of these event fields mean?
> Thanks a lot in advance.
> --
> Kirandeep Kaur
> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.linkedin.com_in_kirandeep-2Dkaur-2D987551213_&d=DwIBaQ&c=-35OiAkTchMrZOngvJPOeA&r=kB5f6DjXkuOQpM1bq5OFA9kKiQyNm1p6x6e36h3EglE&m=ZFxVPue11-a6O9F5mZRNg8jDBj4q_H8xjY1RvLyNPZY&s=HrQxrBSq_GVvd9VbCKho9jtxYl235NOkZDtbyDSM1hw&e=
> C/o Prof Manjari Tripathi
> Dept of Neurology
> All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India
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Kirandeep Kaur
C/o Prof Manjari Tripathi
Dept of Neurology
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

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