[Eeglablist] Problem with pop_mergeset

Katherine Eskine eskine_katherine at wheatoncollege.edu
Wed Sep 1 10:25:43 PDT 2021


I am attempting to merge a pre and post condition after removing a middle
section. I keep getting the 'urevent error' and found in the list serve
that adding the line: EEG = eeg_checkset(EEG, 'makeur') will solve the
problem, but the script is still returning the following error:

Any ideas?


Reference to non-existent field 'urevent'.

Error in pop_mergeset (line 272)
                nonemptymask = ~cellfun('isempty',{tmpevents.urevent});

Error in pop_mergeset (line 86)
        NEWEEG = pop_mergeset(NEWEEG, INEEG2, keepall); % recursive call

Error in Merge2 (line 72)
        EEG = pop_mergeset( ALLEEG, [1  2], 0);


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