[Eeglablist] Getting BIOSEMI 128-channel ABCD labels into the 10-20 system

Rafał Jończyk rafal.jonczyk at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 01:27:16 PDT 2021

Dear all,

I'm aware that importing Biosemi channel locations has been a recurring
theme in the past on the list, and actually your insight has helped me a
lot to make it work for my data. However,  having imported the channel file
(see the attached 2D plot image and the channel location file I've used), I
still cannot come up with a quick and reliable method to rename the labels
(other than doing it manually?) so that they follow the 10-20 system.
Working with the ABCD system is odd and confusing.

Has anyone worked with 128-channel Biosemi data and found a reliable
solution to this issue?


Dr Rafał Jończyk
Assistant Professor of Pragmatics
Faculty of English | Adam Mickiewicz University | Poland

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