[Eeglablist] Getting BIOSEMI 128-channel ABCD labels into the 10-20 system

Clement Lee cll008 at eng.ucsd.edu
Mon Sep 27 11:26:02 PDT 2021

Dear Rafal,

Attachments generally don't make it through the EEGLAB mailing list so it's
best to attach a link (e.g. after uploading to Google drive or other
sharing site).
I think I can help without seeing the picture though. One good way to
rename channel names is using a script. I assume when you mention manually
you have been using the "Edit Channel Info" GUI menu and clicking through
one by one? Actually everything reflected in the EEGLAB GUI is stored in
the `EEG` MATLAB variable. Channel labels are stored in
`EEG.chanlocs.labels` and the syntax you want to use would be something

[EEG.chanlocs.labels] = deal('Fz', 'Pz', 'Cz', ..., 'O2');

where the right hand side argument for deal are the 128 channel names in
order (e.g. in above example A1 is Fz and D32 is O2), comma separated and
in string format. You would run that line in a script or in the command
line after importing channel locations. To confirm the change worked you
can either type `EEG.chanlocs.labels` into the command line, or view the
channel info from the GUI as you have been.

Hope that helps,
Clement Lee
Applications Programmer
Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience
Institute for Neural Computation, UC San Diego

On Fri, Sep 24, 2021 at 9:04 AM Rafał Jończyk via eeglablist <
eeglablist at sccn.ucsd.edu> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I'm aware that importing Biosemi channel locations has been a recurring
> theme in the past on the list, and actually your insight has helped me a
> lot to make it work for my data. However,  having imported the channel file
> (see the attached 2D plot image and the channel location file I've used), I
> still cannot come up with a quick and reliable method to rename the labels
> (other than doing it manually?) so that they follow the 10-20 system.
> Working with the ABCD system is odd and confusing.
> Has anyone worked with 128-channel Biosemi data and found a reliable
> solution to this issue?
> Best,
> Rafal
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