[Eeglablist] Microstate Toolbox Error for the Spontaneous Data Type

Joseph Nuamah jknuamah at aggies.ncat.edu
Sat Oct 9 14:03:25 PDT 2021


I am reaching out because the error below was generated when I used the
Microstate Toolbox in EEGLAB.

*Error using findpeaks*
*Too many input arguments.*

*Error in pop_micro_selectdata (line 172)*
*        [~, peakidx{i,1}] =

I am not sure where this might be coming from.

These are the settings in pop_micro_selectdata().

*EEG,[ ALLEEG] = pop_micro_selectdata( EEG, ALLEEG, 'datatype',
*'avgref', 1, ...*
*'normalise', 0, ...*
*'MinPeakDist', 10, ...*
*'Npeaks', 1000, ...*
*'GFPthresh', 1, ...*
*'dataset_idx', 1:4 );*

Kindly help!


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