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Bruzadin Nunes, Ugo ugob at siu.edu
Sat Nov 20 12:40:43 PST 2021

Dear Simona,

You will have to modify the function eegplot.m.

There are many ways you can change that, but an easy solution was to change line 292:

try, g.winlength; catch, g.winlength = 5; end; % Number of seconds of EEG displayed

try, g.winlength = 20; catch, g.winlength = 20; end; % Number of seconds of EEG displayed

This way, it will always display 20 seconds or 20 epochs by default.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,


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Dear all,
I'm writing to you for another help. I've used the EEG.history command in
order to get all my functions in a Matlab script and especially for
plotting the data I've used the eegplot function. When I plot my result I
obtain a graph with the time axis range of just 5 seconds. I've tried to
use the setting and change the time range to display in 20s but this
operation doesn't appear in the EEG history, so when I call the EEG.history
and run that script, the figure I obtain is again a graph with 5 seconds
How can I modify this line
*pop_eegplot( EEG, 1, 1, 1);*
in order to obtain a time range of 20 seconds?

Thank you all.
Kind regards,



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