[Eeglablist] sLORETA question

Delorme, Arnaud adelorme at ucsd.edu
Sat Nov 20 16:46:05 PST 2021

Hi Ugo,

Both eLoreta and sLoreta are "full brain” solutions, not single dipole models - although they model the brain by placing three orthogonal dipoles for each voxel. The number of voxels depends on your models. You can also do eLoreta on a surface. DIPFIT allows for both (2 template volumes - with the original LORETA-KEY 2000 voxel volume - and 2 different surface models).


> On Nov 20, 2021, at 10:32 AM, Bruzadin Nunes, Ugo <ugob at siu.edu> wrote:
> I am also interested in the EEGLAB wrapper for loreta; I offer my "services" on helping building it if necessary. My current research has epoched data but I will be using EEG (nor ERP) frequency-analysis of ROI-specific voxel activation, comparing between 4 groups and 12 sessions for a final GEE analysis - which is why you can imagine it would be much easier to get it done in EEGLAB/MATLAB instead of manually performing this transformation on sLORETA-key software, to export the data and analyze it elsewhere (i.e. on R or MATLAB).

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