[Eeglablist] Link to free webinar recording - TMS-EEG signal processing

Cate Lapp cate.lapp at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 11:24:34 PST 2021

I wanted to let everyone know there is a free nTMS-EEG workshop at the 4th
International Brain Stimulation conference, for those attending in-person.
This breakfast workshop is on the final day of the conference (Thursday,
December 9 at 7:30am).

This workshop is really practical in nature, showing how to collect and
process reliable and repeatable evoked EEG responses after perturbation of
specific cortical targets with navigated TMS. The technique is winning
awards for its use in predicting whether patients may regain function after
waking from a coma or minimally conscious state.

Teams from the University of Milan, MGH, and MUSC will be running the
workshop. It will be a great opportunity to ask questions and see the full
nTMS-EEG setup, including hardware and software.

It's free but you still need to register. Registration link:

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