[Eeglablist] Channel Number After Interpolation

ivano triggiani ivanotriggiani at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 09:38:48 PST 2021

Hi Bennett,

I am not sure if you can have problems with the Studio, but I received a
warning about differences in the montages, so I decided to change the order
of the channels before the studio. This is also useful in case you might
want to export the data somewhere else.

If you think it may help,  did it simply with this code:

orig_chlst = {'Fp1'...
 'FCz'}; %this is your original list

%% Re-order channels
last_chorder   = {EEG.chanlocs.labels};
[~,new_indx] = ismember(orig_chlst,last_chorder);
EEG.chanlocs   = EEG.chanlocs(new_indx);
EEG.data       = EEG.data(new_indx,:,:);
EEG = eeg_checkset( EEG );
eeglab redraw


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On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 12:01 PM Alterman, Bennett L via eeglablist <
eeglablist at sccn.ucsd.edu> wrote:

> Hello,
> When I interpolate a channel using "Use specific channels of other
> dataset", the new channel number is added to the end of the channels. For
> example FP1 is my first channel (FPZ is channel 2), but if I remove it and
> then interpolate it later, it is listed as channel 58, and FPZ becomes
> channel 1 and the rest of the data are all shifted one channel number. When
> I plot the channels, they are all in the correct position on the head
> because it is still correctly mapped to my chanlocs file. So the head map
> starts with 58, then 1-57 for the remaining channels.
> Is this a problem for creating my study? Or is it fine because the
> channels are mapped by the label (i.e., "FP1") rather than the channel
> number (i.e., 58)? I just want to make sure that I am not mapping channel
> 58 to channel 58, but am mapping FP1 to FP1 between datasets.
> Sincerely,
> Bennett Alterman, M.S.
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> Ph.D. Candidate, Cognitive Motor Control Laboratory
> School of Biological Sciences
> Georgia Institute of Technology
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