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Links and Information

EEGLAB ".loc" and ".txt",
Polhemus ".elp",
EGI ".spl" and ".xyz",
Besa ".elp",
Neuroscan ".map"
  • EEGLAB can read all these file formats (except for Neuroscan ".map"). Share your location files by adding files directly to the wiki HERE. Please do not forget to add the link to your uploaded files below or in the Talk:Channel Location Files page.

We have created software (in EEGLAB) to transform between spherical, 3-D cartesian and polar coordinates in a variety of file formats (see readlocs() function help). We will post more information here soon...

Upload Files

  • Upload Files by clicking 'Upload file' on the sidebar to the left and then add the link below. These files should be zipped as wikimedia only allow downloading a limited number of file types.
  • Add a link to the files you have uploaded in the list above.

Image at top of page: Independent component of 252-channel EEG data with bilateral occipital scalp projection. Derived by independent component analysis of approximately 700,000 points of data using runica() in the EEGLAB Toolbox, implementing extended infomax ICA. Here, the 252-channel data were reduced to 160 independent components by PCA prior to ICA training. Channels located below the head center are shown in this topoplot() as extending out from the model head borders. Note that ICA finds the gradient of the projection from the source to the skin surface not only at the scalp electrodes but also for channels on the neck, forehead and temples. Residual variance of the bet-fiting symmetric dual-dipole model in a model sphere head was 2.0%. Dipole calculations used the DIPFIT plug in.

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