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Basic EEGLAB citation

A Delorme & S Makeig (2004) EEGLAB: an open source toolbox for analysis of single-trial EEG dynamics (pdf, 0.7 MB) Journal of Neuroscience Methods 134:9-21

Includes details of EEGLAB ICA and time/frequency methods. Please cite this paper to reference EEGLAB in publications. Browse its 2000+ citations in Google Scholar.

Basic EEGLAB ICA and time/frequency methods introductions

S Makeig, S Debener, J Onton, & A Delorme (2004) Mining event-related brain dynamics (pdf, 0.5 MB). Trends in Cognitive Science 8:204-210

Summarizes benefits and pitfalls of combining ICA, time/frequency analysis, and ERP-image visualization. Browse its citations in Google Scholar.

Delorme A, Palmer J, Oostenveld R, Onton J, Makeig S (2012) Independent EEG components are dipolar PLos One. Browse its citations in Google Scholar.

Demonstrates that the more mutual information a linear transform removes from multi-channel EEG data, the more components it returns that are compatible with an origin in a small patch of locally synchronous cortex.

S Makeig, J Onton (2011) ERP features and EEG dynamics: An ICA perspective (pdf, 1.1MB). In: Oxford Handbook of Event-Related Potential Components, Ed. Luck S & Kappenman E.

Motivates the use of ERP-image visualization, ICA, and time/frequency measures for studying event-related responses. Browse its citations in Google scholar.

Onton J. Makeig S. (2006) Information based modeling of event-related brain dynamics (pdf, 0.6MB) Progress in Brain Research. Browse its citations in Google Scholar.

Some EEGLAB Toolboxes

Delorme A, Mullen T, Kothe C, Akalin Acar Z, Bigdely-Shamlo N, Vankov A, Makeig S. (2011) EEGLAB, SIFT, NFT, BCILAB, and ERICA: New tools for advanced EEG processing (html). Computat Intelligence Neurosci 2011:130714, doi:10.1155/2011/130714. Browse its Web citations. Explore wiki toolbox documentation.

Pernet CR, Chauveauy N, Gaspar C, Rousselet GA (2011) LIMO EEG: A toolbox for hierarchical linear modeling of electroencephalographic data. Computat Intelligence Neurosci 2011:831409, doi:10.1155/2011/831409. Browse its Web citations.

Akalin Acar Z, Makeig S (2010) A Neuroelectromagnetic forward head modeling toolbox. J Neurosci Methods 190,2:258-270 Browse its Web citations. Explore its wiki documentation.

List of known EEGLAB plug-in links on the EEGLAB wiki.

Some recent publications using EEGLAB

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