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The EEGLAB Discussion List

This moderated mailing list is about the EEGLAB signal processing environment for Matlab in particular and signal processing of EEG data in general. Feel free to post messages to this list. The list moderator passes on relevant posts to the whole list.

To send a message to the list, email [ You may not send messages to the list if you are not a subscriber. All messages are moderated for appropriateness.

Browse the eeglablist message archive here. Use Google to search the archive by adding "eeglablist" to your Google query.

List Criteria

Posts on the eeglablist include:

  • Questions and discussion about practices and issues in EEG data collection and analysis, particularly about EEGLAB functions and pipelines.
  • Announcements of EEG-related events and EEG-related research positions.

The moderator will withhold from the list posts that:

  • Are not EEG-related.
  • Contain commercial advertisements.
  • Contain personal attacks.

The EEGLAB News List

The news list is reserved only for infrequent news releases from the EEGLAB development team. Do not send messages to this list; they will not reach us.


Please send detailed questions you cannot find an answer ("How can I ... ?," "Why does ... ?", etc.) to the EEGLAB discussion list (see above) to give other users the benefit of your Q&A -- but please look for your own answers by reading the EEGLAB tutorial and/or studying the relevant function help messages first!

To send (detailed) bug reports, use the EEGLAB Github interface. To report other feedback to the EEGLAB developers directly, email