EEGLAB revision history version 14

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EEGLAB Version 14.0.0b

  • Issue date: February 7th, 2017
  • GIT tag: 14.0.0
  • Major changes in this revision: Migration to integrating LIMO for general linear model
  • Convert data to absolute values for computing ITC significance in STUDIES (this ignores the phase of ITC)
  • Handle better the new STUDY format to be introduced in EEGLAB 15
  • Handle better stats if the signal processing toolbox is absent
  • Reprogrammed history command and created firfilt 1.6.2
  • Bug 1971. Reprogrammed eegrej.m, eeg_eegrej.m and eeg_insertbound.m. Fixes minor event inaccuracy when rejecting the beginning of continuous data (see bug 1971).
  • Addressed problem with index of channels function computing statistics using Fieldtrip
  • Fix rare issue associated with new EEGLAB 15 design framework
  • Patch for biosig import of event description - by Alois Schlögl
  • Correction for events of epoched dataset when resampling data - by Andreas Widmann
  • Adding function to import erplab files
  • Remove limit on filename length in STUDY structures
  • Fix issue with plugin_movepath
  • Add internal function in case the mapping toolbox is absent for angtimewarp.m
  • Fix reading topographic file in STUDY on some platforms
  • Show warning message on network drive
  • Update code to remove BIOSIG paths
  • Adding BINT output to fastregress function
  • Remove abs() when computing baseline and ERSP
  • Putting sopen from BIOSIG up in the MATLAB path if is not already there
  • Code included to send BIOSIG down into the MATLAB path
  • New function added to move EEGLAB plugin depencies in the MATLAB path
  • isequaln replaced by isequal for backward compatibility
  • Autoscale inserted for plotting only differences with no alpha value. For bug 1657.
  • Extension of the fix for bug 1303. Indexing data and channels by dat.InChanSelect. Fix for bug 1832.
  • Extra checking for MATLAB versions after 2014b. In these versions, findobj does not throw any error if the obj does not exist.
  • Option to retain components when calling function pop_subcomp
  • Insure subplots are plotted on the figure created by topoplot.
  • See the changes since last revision on Bitbucket.

EEGLAB Version 14.1.0b

  • Issue date: April 28th, 2017
  • GIT tag: 14.1.0b in eeglab14 branch
  • Major changes in this revision: Remove all warning messages associated with bug 1971 which turned out to be a minor bug
  • More minor fixes for EEGLAB warning message
  • Remove warning message associated with bug 1971
  • Better precision for false discovery rate thresholds
  • Fix for new graphic system compatibility. Compatibility with fix on uni_mass_toolbox.
  • Allow using the same command line calls for new and old study framework
  • Now allow BIOSIG to handle data files where the channel index list does not match the channels which have been recorded
  • rereferencing: Handle input parameters in a more flexible way
  • Handle EEG dataset with integer event types when rejecting data (related to bug 1971)

EEGLAB Version 14.1.1b

  • Issue date: June 7th, 2017
  • GIT tag: 14.1.1b in eeglab14 branch
  • Major changes in this revision: address rare crashes when rejecting continuous portion of data
  • Check empty structure in eeg_eegrej and better error handling
  • In pop_epoch, change epoch handling In the case of data with multiple trials (units of epochlim variable were changed to seconds from miliseconds). This was a bug and does not affect normal usage of the function.
  • In pop_resample, recomputing of event duration added after resampling

EEGLAB Version 14.1.2b

  • Issue date: May 17th, 2018
  • GIT tag: 14.1.2b in eeglab14 branch
  • Major changes in this revision: add warning message 2018a Matlab user to download Matlab patch

EEGLAB 14 Octave compatibility version - octavecompat branch

  • This version offers increased support for Octave. It will eventually merged into the EEGLAB develop and limocompat branch.
  • See the changes since last revision on Bitbucket.

EEGLAB 15 new framework version - develop branch

  • This version has the STUDY part reprogrammed completely. It will be the future version of EEGLAB and has been in the work since 2014. To be released hopefully in 2017.
  • See the changes since last revision on Bitbucket.