EEGLAB revision history version 6

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6.01b - April 16, 2007

  • (Arno) Added back the BVA-IO toolbox for importing/exporting Brain Vision Analyser files. Removed the Firfilt plugin.

6.00b - April 6, 2007

New STUDY functions:

  • (Arno) All STUDY functions have been updated to compute statistics across subjects using either a parametric or a non-parametric method. Also operations such as filtering, resampling, or computing all dataset ICA decomposition are now available at the STUDY level. The STUDY structure for cluster had to be modified slightly (see tutorial below) but all functions ensure backward compatibiltiy. The tutorials on working with the STUDY structure has been updated.

Other major changes:

  • (Arno) time-frequency decompositions: newtimef() and newcrossf() now perform standard time-frequency decompositions instead of timef() and crossf(). Both are based on the new timefreq() function, and are mostly backward compatible with their predecessors although they have been completely reprogrammed. The new functions are the fruit of 3 years of development and testing. They fix minor bugs (e.g., the data mean should be removed before computing wavelets). The new function have a new range of options including log-frequency plotting, individual frequency selection, individual cycle selection, true Morlet wavelets, single-frequency plotting, etc... The old timef() and crossf() functions remain available in the distributions, though the EEGLAB menu now call newtimef() and newcrossf().
  • (Arno) Mutual information plugin: this plugin allow clustering ICA components within a single dataset (contributed by Nima Bigdeley). See the documentation here.
  • (Arno) DIPFIT: now support localization of components from MEG data (CTF only). Thanks to Nicolas Robitaille.
  • (Arno) Function organization: functions are now organized in subfolders.
  • (Arno) timtopo(): now clicking on the ERP shows the scalp map at a specific latency.
  • (Arno) eeg_interp(), std_interp(): now allow to interpolate channels.

Changes to EEGLAB GUI functions:

  • (Arno) STUDY functions: all STUDY functions have been modified or updated. See BUGZILLA and search for "std_" for a list of fixed Bugs on STUDY functions.
  • (Arno) pop_erpimage(): fixed reading two auxilary variables.
  • (Arno) pop_resample(): fixed spline interpolation (when Signal Processing toolbox absent). Now also applies anti-aliasing filter if Signal Processing toolbox absent; fixed event latencies.
  • (Arno) pop_chanedit(): fixed command line problem when looking up file (thanks to Henrik Ormasen). Now can handle Neuroscan channel types (fiducials etc...). Fixed looking up their locations.
  • (Arno) pop_plotdata(): now detect the correct number of components (thanks Florian Fischmeister).
  • (Arno) pop_eegfilt(): fixed Notch filtering; redesigned graphic interface.
  • (Arno) pop_prop(): added erpimage() plot of channel/component activity in continuous datasets. Added spectral option to plot spectrum within a given time range.
  • (Arno) pop_headplot(): now saves the head mesh in the EEG structure (prevents a crash if you reuse a spline file not computed on the standard head mesh).
  • (Arno) pop_subcomp(): fixed crash when not using all data channels for ICA (thanks to Rami Niazi).
  • (Arno) pop_newset(): fixed a problem in structure assignment.
  • (Arno) pop_saveset(): fixed a rare dataset naming problem.
  • (Arno) pop_comperp(): added axcopy.
  • (Arno) pop_chanedit(), eeg_checkset(), pop_dipfit_settings(): removed internal use of nosedir feature. Now uses co-registration instead. This fixes several bugs such as using the BEM model with a custom file not having +Y as nose direction and plotting headplots with +Y for the nose direction.
  • (Arno) eeglab2fieldtrip: fixed computing a dipole model when the component activation is absent from the EEG structure (as per memory options).
  • (Arno) eeg_store(): fixed backward compatibility issues for Matlab 6.1 and 5.3. Now allow to read more than 200 datasets (thanks to Petter Kallioinen).
  • (Arno) eeg_eventtypes(): now can search urevents, return only specified event types; returns types in reverse order of the number of (ur)events in the dataset. Can now can process numeric event types (contributed by Stefan Debener).
  • (Arno) eeg_eventhist(): added default field 'type', auto figure creation.
  • (Arno) eeg_context(): added tests for urevent and event.urevent empty.

Changes to other EEGLAB functions:

  • (Arno) coregister(): fixed fiducial alignment. Better coloring. Now help message is embedded in a button.
  • (Arno) runica(): all computation are now performed in double precision (unless there is not enough memory). Matlab single-precision computations can lack the sufficient precision to run ICA.
  • (Arno) eegplot(): fixed epoch selection when clicking outside the boundary of the current window (thanks to Nicholas Perentos).
  • (Arno) readlocs(): fixed reading BESA .elp files (first channel was sometimes missing). Fixed reading channel types for .ced files (thanks to Eugene Kronberg).
  • (Arno) topoplot(): legend color problem in multiple ERP (include sum/compare ERP) (thanks to Bjorn Saetrevik and others).
  • (Arno) plottopo(): can now plot a single channel.
  • (Arno) eegfiltfft(): fixed warning with data of non-even length.
  • (Arno) envtopo(): fixed problem with 'sumenv' option (thanks to Hyuk Oh).
  • (Arno) env(): improved help message and fixed code typo (thanks to Ronny Lindner).
  • (Arno) reref(): fixed multiple channel re-referencing (thanks to Ranjit)
  • (Arno) binica(): now can process 3-D data from the command line (thanks to David Groppe).
  • (Arno) readneurolocs(): fixed a Neuroscan channel-reading problem (thanks to Hans-Peter Frey).
  • (Arno) movav(): fixed several bugs (thanks to Andreus Romeyke).
  • (Arno) timef(): fixed ERP amplitude label for component units.
  • (Arno) eventlock(): DEPRECATED. Use eegalign.m instead.
  • (Arno) ica(): DEPRECATED and removed from distribution. The text of this helper function was out-of-date.
  • (Arno) erpave(): DEPRECATED and removed from distribution. Use erpimage().
  • (Arno) dipfit_eegerp(), eeglab2fieldtrip(): now re-introduced in the DIPFIT plugin and fixed the eeglab2fieldtrip function to work with it.
  • (Arno) loc_subset(): new function to separate a channel location montage into overlapping, evenly spaced channel subsets of specified lengths (by Nima Bigdeley).
  • (Arno) EEG toolbox plugin: added EEG toolbox plugin (requires separate installation of the EEG toolbox) for ERP peak picking.