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A concurrent project is developing an integrated software framework (ERICA) for Experimental Recording, Interactive Control and Analysis of EEG and multimodal experiments, particularly those incorporating interactive data-adaptive stimulus and feedback control (BCI, neurofeedback, cognitive monitoring, videogame-like protocols, social neuroscience experiments, etc.) - an evolving imaging modality we refer to as Mobile Brain/body Imaging or MOBI. In particular, the Lab Streaming Layer (LSL), a software by Christian Kothe is available for synchronous recording of data from multiple sources (EEG, motion capture, eye tracking, video, audio, etc.). A video web tutorial on LSL is also available. To learn more about the ERICA environment, write to A Matlab environment for reviewing and analyzing ERICA data Mobilab_software is under construction.

The ERICA (Experimental Real-time Interactive Control and Analysis) framework is composed of five complementary software environments:

  • A Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) framework synchronizes data collection, processing, and storage across multiple devices.
  • A SNAP environment linked to LSL coordinates stimulus presentation in simple or complex experimental designs.
  • A MatRiver LSL client environment that allows direct read/write access to LSL data streams from Matlab.
  • An Enactor Matlab environment interacting with LSL and/or MatRiver to maintain and perform online computation on a 3-D model of the experimental space and subject actions within it.
  • A MatSound MaxMSP patch toolbox, an LSL client coordinating sound production from SNAP and/or MatRiver/Enactor.