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Why fork the repository?

Forking (copying) a software repository makes a copy of the repository that belongs to you. This allows you to experiment and try new things without affecting the existing code. Once you are done with your changes, you will be able to transfer them (push them) to the main repository, if you wish, by using "pull requests" (this could have been referred to as "push requests" but the software community decided to name it from the perspective of the main repository, which then is pulling in your changes). This page will introduce you to the basics of forking the EEGLAB repository. Github makes the procedure very simple.


This page assumes that you are somewhat familiar with Git and version control.

The EEGLAB main repository is not the place to add new functions. If you want to add new functionality, write an EEGLAB plug-in instead

Forking the EEGLAB repository in two steps

To fork the EEGLAB repository from Github, follow these two simple steps:

  1. On Github, go to the EEGLAB repository
  2. Click Fork in the top right corner of the window (See the figure below).
Fork link.jpg

Once you have executed these two steps you will have successfully created your own repository of EEGLAB code. At this point you will be redirected to the new forked repository. The new repository will look exactly like the EEGLAB repository that you forked, but the forked copy will be under your username account, in this case yourgitusername

Fork username.jpg

Working on your forked copy

Once you have created your own fork in Github, you will need to set up git in your computer to start working on your EEGLAB code copy. Then you will need to clone the new forked repo on your computer.

  • Go to your new forked repo (repository) page in Github. This is the same page described in the figure above.
  • Look on the right side of the page for the button Clone or download and click it.
Clone link.jpg
  • Click in the clone HTTPS section to copy the link.
Clone https link.jpg
  • Open a terminal on your computer and type git clone and then paste and execute the link you copied in the previous step.

$git clone

After following these steps you will have cloned your own local copy of EEGLAB. You will now be ready to start modifying the code. You can send back your modified EEGLAB code to github by using "git push."

Issue a "pull request"

Once you are satisfied with your code changes, you can go back to Github and issue a "pull request." Once your changes are evaluated and approved by the EEGLAB team, they will be merged into the EEGLAB master code.


This brings you to a screen where you can select the forked branch you propose to merge into the master EEGLAB repository. NOTE: Always merge into the "develop" branch of EEGLAB.


Considerations re pull requests

For expedited approval:

  • If you have added a new feature, make sure it works both from the graphic interface and from the Matlab command line. Please send us a simple test script to demonstrate this.
  • Run the test cases on the modified function. The test cases are available here. Find the one(s) that test the function you modified and run them.
  • You can never add too much documentation. Make sure you document your changes clearly and thoroughly!