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HeadIT Board members (& HeadIT data cache recipients)

  • "Allen Davis Malony" <malony@cs.uoregon.edu>
  • "G.R. Mangun" <grmangun@ucdavis.edu>
  • "Gerwin Schalk" <schalk@wadsworth.org>
  • "John J.B. Allen" <jallen@u.arizona.edu>
  • "Srikantan Nagarajan" <sri@radiology.ucsf.edu>
  • "Worrell, Gregory A., M.D., Ph.D." <Worrell.Gregory@mayo.edu>,
  • "Scott Makeig" <smakeig@ucsd.edu>

Head IT core team

  • "Scott Makeig" <smakeig@ucsd.edu>
  • "Arnaud Delorme" <arno@sccn.ucsd.edu>,
  • "William Seto" <wseto@ncmir.ucsd.edu>,
  • "Jeffrey S. Grethe" <jgrethe@ncmir.ucsd.edu>
  • "Nima Bigdely Shamlo" <nima@sccn.ucsd.edu>,
  • "Manansala Ramil" <ramil@ncmir.ucsd.edu>

Meeting minutes

May 2009

  • Present: Scott Makeig, Arnaud Delorme, Jeff Grethe
  • The data cache for HeadIT will be named "HeadIT data cache"
  • HeadIT data cache should have 3 primary goals
    • Allow laboratory to set up a local database
    • Allow (on the push of a button) to share that data over the HeadIT network
    • Allow to back up data at the main HeadIT node (San Diego UCSD)
    • Allow (on the push of a button) to make that data public

June 19 2009 (HBM)

  • Present: Scott Makeig, Arnaud Delorme, Jeff Grethe, Allen Malony
  • Discussing the importance of ontologies and how to integrate them in the database
  • Discussing the need for a flexible data format, XML or HDF5 based
  • Storage of EEGLAB files in the database. We could have a generic file storage procedure to store different types of files. This way this would be expandable to new data analys (generating an additional file associated with the EEG data).
  • IRB approval. The HeadIT main node need to apply for a special IRB for storing data (if it is de-identified).

July 8th 2009

  • Present: Scott Makeig, Arnaud Delorme, Jeff Grethe, Nima Bigdely Shamlo, William Seto, Manansala Ramil
  • Incentive to get something working quickly
    • Will and Ramil to visit SCCN the next week
    • Use of test data for testing the database framework. See ressources.
    • Need of a SURVEY especially with the folks from UC Davis
  • Present something at Human Brain Mapping June 2010 Target in Barcelona
  • File format: HDF5 not so good anymore. Saving small files is fast but saving 400 Mb file does take 10 minutes. Discussed the GDF format http://www.dpmi.tu-graz.ac.at/~schloegl/biosig/GDF2.0/ which is a better extension of EDF. XML could be interesting because it is expendable. However storage of binary information within XML files is not customary.
  • The database should allow for a Video/Audio presentation (recorded by the person who run the experiment) to be stored.
  • Use of objects to define paradigms. This way they are adaptable to specific paradigms. Maybe the same framework could be used to store different file types associated with EEG data?Please someone give more detail here.
  • Miscelaneous
    • Liferay is a good frameowrk for integrating Java PHP and other application.
    • Google Wave might be a good way to exchange and annotate data

Key documents and messages

  • Letter from Jeff Grethe and Scott Makeig to HeadIT data cache recipients (June 18th 2009)
  • Letter from Scott Makeig for Survey (July 8th 2009)

Test data for database http://sccn.ucsd.edu/~arno/fam2data/publicly_available_EEG_data.html