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If you get an error "could not locate mex file" or any related mex file error, do not blame EEGLAB. EEGLAB itself does not include any precompiled functions (also called mex functions). However, some external modules uses mex files for reading binary data file or performing source localization. Usually, an error indicates the precompiled file is not available for your platform (it would thus need to be recompiled, something you can sometimes do yourself - for more information see below). There are 4 modules in EEGLAB that use mex files.

  • Fieldtrip functions: If you get an error that some functions in the fieldtrip folder cannot be found, refer to the fieldtrip documentation for how to recompile such functions.
  • BIOSIG: some release of BIOSIG contains some updated mex files so you might want to check if you have the latest version of BIOSIG. Sometimes BIOSIG does not preserve backward compatibility so you may experience problem when reading data after updating BIOSIG.
  • ANT plugin: the ANT plugin was made by the ANT company. Contact Maarten for an updated version of the compiled binaries.
  • ERPSS plugin: simply recompile decompresserpss.c (type "mex decompresserpss.c")

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