ICA Powerpoint Presentation / Audio Demonstration

Download a slide show demo/presentation on ICA (5 Mb) in Powerpoint Pack-and-Go (png) format. To play it on a Win32 machine, you will ALSO need the PNG-setup application (55k). The presentation contains 9 slides, one of which involves audio examples and a brief animation of ICA at work.

If you have trouble reading the presentation through your browser, ftp it from the anonymous Salk site:

login: anonymous
password: [your email address here]
> cd pub/scott
> binary
> get pres0.ppz
> get pngsetup.exe
> quit

To run it:

  • Download to a PC (NT or Windows 95-)
  • Move icon on top of icon for Powerpoint filter program "pngsetup.exe"
  • On query, give a tmp directory like "C:\tmpp"
  • When asked, enable macros
  • Use [ENTER] to step through presentation, or [ESC] to abort.
  • To print the Speaker Notes,

  • Go to the tmpp directory you created.
  • Open the ICAdemo.PPT file in Powerpoint (must be installed on your machine).
  • Select 'View / Notes Page'
  • Select 'File / Print' [to print notes]
  • [Collect the notes page printouts]

  • To view the presentation in Powerpoint,

  • Select 'View / Slide Show'
  • Step through the presentation, following the Notes using [ENTER]]

    Scott Makeig