[Eeglablist] t and f-values from STUDY

Bastien Boutonnet bastien.b1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 03:35:27 PST 2014

Dear all,

Since my last post I have been desperately looking for a way to access the outputs from the stats performed in the Study GUI. I found some suggestions to use std_stat() but I fail to use it successfully. There doesn’t seem to be a way to find how it is actually generated and the help file about the function is not helpful as I run into all sorts of errors that are due to problems with the array inputs I believe.

Can someone suggest how to retrieve the t, f, and p values from a test ran from the GUI? 

If the only way is via the command line how can I write it correctly for the following design:

Single Set study selecting epochs labeled two fields IV1 (1,2) IV2 (a,b) 
Carry paired stats on each levels of each IVs + interactions.

I would like to obtain the statistics and p-values.

Thanks :)


Bastien Boutonnet, Ph.D.
School of Psychology,
Bangor University
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