[Eeglablist] EEG parameterization

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There are linear and nonlinear kalman filter-based multivariate autoregressive implementations in the Source Information Flow Toolbox for EEGLAB. See est_fitMVARKalman and est_fitMVARDEKF. 


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Thank you very much for your answers and happy new year 2014.
On my first question, I am based on your set and literature and I will present the EEG signal from a set of evolutionary parameters based on the Kalman filter.
This gives the possibility of reconstructing the signal and to predict its evolution.
Is there someone who work with this type of auto-regressive filter?I need the algorithm in Matlab.
Thank a lot for your precious help, Ibtissem

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> Dear Ibtissem,
> There are several ways you can characterize an EEG signal. The two
> basic are frequency and amplitude in different frequency bands (and
> spatial location). You can see more here:

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