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Arnaud Delorme arno at ucsd.edu
Tue Jan 28 19:16:12 PST 2014

Dear Abdurrahman,

> 1) Epochs = Trials ?


> 2) Are each epochs true response (1) for animal set and false response ( 0 ) for distractor set ?

There might be responses on both animal and distractor:
- response on animal: true positive (good answer)
- response on distractor: false positive (wrong answer)
- no response on animal: false negative (wrong answer)
- no response of distractor: true negative (good answer)

> 3) There is 32x750x164 dimensional data in the sphanimal.set file. If 164 is trials, where is 0,1 (response or no-response) matrix of trials.

This is the EEG data not the response data. The response data is in EEG.event



> I want to use these data in my applications. So If anyone know about data-trials relationship (response or no-response matrix for each trials)  on this data sets, please share with me.
> Thanks.
> -- 
> Abdurrahman ÖZBEYAZ
> Turkey, Adıyaman.

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