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Tyler Grummett tyler.grummett at flinders.edu.au
Wed Feb 5 15:24:30 PST 2014

?Dear Arnaud, Derrick and Makoto,

With regard to the pop_autorej error.

If it helps, I think the issue may be how elec (line 95) is being allocated space.

On line 90 ( sweeps = size(signal(1,:),2)/pnts?), when it is handling spectra data, pnts = 202 (for me) and when it is handling EEG data, pnts = 20212 ( equal to size( signal( 1, :), 2)).

So maybe dividing by pnts on line 90 may not be the correct method when handling EEG data.

Hopefully that may help.

Kind regards,



Tyler Grummett ( BBSc, BSc(Hons I))
PhD Candidate
Brain Signals Laboratory
Flinders University
Rm 5A301
Ext 66124
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Dear Arno and Derrick,

When I used 'reject channel epochs with all methods' yesterday from GUI it failed to reject the marked epochs. Most likely Tyler's report is the same thing. I think I've seen this for years (!)... Could you check it?


2014/1/22 Tyler Grummett <tyler.grummett at flinders.edu.au<mailto:tyler.grummett at flinders.edu.au>>

To all on the eeglab mailing list,

I am having an issue with the pop_autorej function where it crashes with the following error message:

Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

Error in eegthresh (line 108)

elec(indexe,:) = ( sigmin < negthresh(indexe) ) | ( sigmax > posthresh(indexe) );

Error in pop_eegthresh (line 154)

[Itmp Irej NS Erejtmp] = eegthresh( EEG.data, EEG.pnts, elecrange, negthresh, posthresh, [EEG.xmin

    EEG.xmax], starttime, endtime);

Error in pop_autorej (line 138)

    EEG =


I tried the pop_rejcont function (which also uses the eegthresh function) and it ran smoothly. However,

as my supervisor pointed out, this uses spectra data. Does anyone know how to get this function to

operate correctly?

Kind regards,



Tyler Grummett ( BBSc, BSc(Hons I))
PhD Candidate
Brain Signals Laboratory
Flinders University
Rm 5A301
Ext 66124

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