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Andres Munguia Barcenas andres.munguiabs at udlap.mx
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Thank you, Makoto

Anyway, I think I wasn't specific enough. I want to see graphically the Grand Average of the 3 conditions togheter

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Dear Andres,

I haven't use it myself but people say ERPLAB is a good solution for that.

My other suggestion is that you create STUDY with a single subject. You can visualize single IC ERPs across conditions with statistics. You can do this with and without ICA-decomposition (though I haven't used channel version of STUDY myself).


2014-02-18 11:08 GMT-08:00 Andres Munguia Barcenas <andres.munguiabs at udlap.mx<mailto:andres.munguiabs at udlap.mx>>:


I am heading an experiment where I 'am working with ERP's. During a task, my subjects are under 3 conditions.

I want to know if it is possible to see graphically the 3 conditions togheter using the function pop_comperp.

If not, which function may I use to see this?

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