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Hendrik Enders henders at kin.ucalgary.ca
Fri Feb 28 08:49:19 PST 2014

Thanks for the help. I did figure out the problem which was actually in the general Matlab findstr function rather than the pop_dipfit_settings function. The error occurred since the pop_dipfit_settings function utilizes the findstr function. The reason why the error that I described below popped up was that my EEG.chaninfo.filename was organized as a column vector (82x1 char) instead of a row vector (1x82 char). I am not sure why it was organized as a column vector but once I changed it everything seems to work fine.

Thought I just share what I think is the solution to my problem. And my EEGlab version is 10_2_5_8b which probably means I should updated it.





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Dear Hendrik,


Could you tell me your EEGLAB version? You may want to download the latest one to replace since there were some changes in the dipfit functions recently. Sorry for inconvenience.




2014-02-24 15:03 GMT-08:00 Hendrik Enders <henders at kin.ucalgary.ca>:

Hello all,


I am trying to use the DIPFIT function in Matlab. When I first try to set my head model and settings (Tools à Locate dipoles using DIPFIT 2.x à Head model and settings) I get an error message pop up window saying 'Input strings must have one row.' I cannot make any sense of this. It all works fine with the example data set used in the DIPFIT tutorial so it must be something with my data set, however, I have no idea what the source of the problem could be. I am sure it is something very simple and I appreciate any help.




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