[Eeglablist] Book announcement: Analyzing Neural Time Series Data: Theory and Practice (MIT Press 2014)

Mike X Cohen mikexcohen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 22:33:40 PST 2014

Dear eeglab community,

I am pleased to announce the publication of a book that will be useful to
the community. The book is titled "Analyzing Neural Time Series Data:
Theory and Practice" (MIT Press), and is written as an accessible textbook
that explains the major time-frequency-based analyses that are used in
cognitive electrophysiology (EEG, MEG, and LFP). The book comes with over
11,000 lines of Matlab code that, along with the sample EEG data, will
reproduce nearly all of the 244 figures in the book. It is being used as a
textbook in several graduate-level data analysis courses.

This is not a book about how to use toolboxes such as eeglab or fieldtrip
(although the sample data are in eeglab format); rather, the book is
designed to teach you the math and implementations of data analyses, as
well as in-depth discussions about analysis parameters, statistical
evaluations, and programming tips to decrease analysis time and improve
efficiency and readability of your analysis code.

Below are the links to the amazon.com and mitpress.com websites (also
available from amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, etc.). There is also a
google-groups forum for questions about the material in the book:


Mike X Cohen, PhD
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