[Eeglablist] basic question about artifact rejection using ICA

Vivian Zayas vz29 at cornell.edu
Mon Mar 24 14:39:36 PDT 2014


I'm using ICA for artifact rejection and have questions about whether to keep or reject a few components.

(1) Is there a good how-to document for deciding which components to reject based on the features of the ICA (e.g., distribution of activity over the scalp, time, trials, power spectrum, etc.)?

(2) I have questions about 6 components (here's a link<https://www.dropbox.com/s/yikdd2fpfwx2ziu/forEEGLABlistserv.pdf> to a document with their graphs). Any thoughts about whether these components should be kept or rejected, and whym would be much appreciated!

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