[Eeglablist] Problem with filtering 300 sample trial

David Kaufman david.kaufman at gmx.de
Tue Mar 25 06:09:26 PDT 2014

Dear EEGLAB list,

I'm currently struggling with the eegfilt function. I have following trial
which I want to low pass filter:


I filter it using following command
newTrial = eegfilt(trial, 500, 0, 10, 0, 16, 0);

Unfortunatley, I get following warning:
Warning: Using firls to estimate filter coefficients. We recommend that you
use fir1 instead, which
yields larger attenuation. In future, fir1 will be used by default!

Also, if I compare the mean standard deviation of  mean(std(trial))
and mean(std(newTrial)) I get 8.97283262607351 and 3.52360238407558
respectively. The trial actually loses energy. Is there a way to counteract
this energy removal?

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