[Eeglablist] Problem with marking data epoch for rejection

Tomek Ligęza tsl at poczta.fm
Thu Mar 27 13:39:15 PDT 2014

Dear List,

I have an
issue regarding rejecting data epochs using spectral estimates.

I need
EEGLAB to only mark trials for rejection. Everything works fine when I call the
function from the menu: Tools -> Reject data epochs -> Reject by spectra and
set "Reject marked trials" field to "NO".

when I try the same using the command:

pop_rejspec( EEG, 1,'elecrange',[1:EEG.nbchan-5] ,'threshold',[-100 30]
,'freqlimits',[25 45]

trials that
should be only marked for rejection,  are
actually rejected  (despite the fact that
the argument ‘eegplotreject’ is equal to zero).

Surprisingly,  this command is copied from eeghistory after
calling the function pop_rejspec from menu Tools. 

How can I mark
trials for rejection using a command?

I would
really appreciate your help as I have to use the "command option" in my data




University, Cracow, Poland

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