[Eeglablist] pop_autorej channel selection problem

Hamish INNES-BROWN HINNES-BROWN at bionicsinstitute.org
Tue Apr 1 16:06:18 PDT 2014

Dear all, I am having some confusion with pop_autorej(). No matter what channels I put include in the 'electrodes' optional input I get the same results.

For instance including all 64 electrodes:

[EEG, EEG.rmepochs] = pop_autorej(EEG, 'threshold', 120, 'electrodes', [1:64], 'startprob', 5, 'maxrej', 5, 'nogui', 'on', 'eegplot', 'off')

Gives exactly the same results as only including a single electrode (or 2, or any other number):

[EEG, EEG.rmepochs] = pop_autorej(EEG, 'threshold', 120, 'electrodes', [1], 'startprob', 5, 'maxrej', 5, 'nogui', 'on', 'eegplot', 'off')

I had thought that the list of electrodes given after the 'electrodes' key was going to be the list of elecs that gets scanned - the help says: 

'electrodes' - [integer] Use these channel indices for detection of improbable data {default: all channels}

Does that seem right, or am I missing something obvious?



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