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Andres Munguia Barcenas andres.munguiabs at udlap.mx
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This is what I use to get the topography which shows the average of the activity in a window of 410 to 440 ms post stimulus in one subject.


EEG = pop_loadset('filename','29_CondCong.set','filepath','C:\\Users\\137912\\Desktop\\Analisis\\A1\\');

[ALLEEG, EEG, CURRENTSET] = eeg_store( ALLEEG, EEG, 0 );

EEG = eeg_checkset( EEG );

figure;pop_topoplot(EEG,1, 410:440,'EGI file epochs pruned with ICA',[1 1] ,0,'electrodes','off');

eeglab redraw;

What must I do to get the topography of a group of 7 subjects?

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Dear Andres,

Type 'help topoplot' in the command line.
It says:

topoplot(datavector, EEG.chanlocs)

This is pretty simple. Here, datavector should be a column matrix such that

datavector = mean(mean(sevenSubjectsEEG(:,410:440,:),2),3);

where sevenSubjectsEEG is each subject's averaged channel x latency stuck in the third dimension, like [channels, latency, subjects], and unit for latency should be in frame and not millisecond (unless your sampling rate is 1000Hz).

If you need more explanation let us know.


2014-03-31 12:07 GMT-07:00 Andres Munguia Barcenas <andres.munguiabs at udlap.mx<mailto:andres.munguiabs at udlap.mx>>:


I was running an experiment with a group 7 subjects. In the analysis, I want to get a topography which shows the average of the group (right now I can get a topography of each subject). Ideally, I would like to see the average of the activity in a window of 410 to 440 ms post stimulus.

How can I get that topography?

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