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Iman M.Rezazadeh irezazadeh at ucdavis.edu
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Do you know about ERPboot Camp at UC Davis ! 

It is pretty informative 




Iman M.Rezazadeh, Ph.D. , M.Sc., B.Sc.

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Dear Shayra,


Have you heard of any offer?




2014-04-07 20:41 GMT-07:00 Burgos-Garcia, Shayra <sburgosg at tulane.edu <mailto:sburgosg at tulane.edu> >:



I'm a graduate student at the Linguistic Program at Tulane University. I'm currently working on my dissertation research. It is an ERP study on Spanish as a second language bilinguals. 

I am contacting the list because I'm looking to a place to run an ERP analysis during this summer, or a paid consultant to help me. Even though I have the equipment here at Tulane, I haven't found a specialist on ERP analysis to assist me in analyzing the collected data. I prefer to be present and learn more about the process than send the data to a specialist and receive the results. 

I have all my data collected, I am just short of ERP analysis training. I read books and manuals and ran some scripts using NetStation, but I need a consultant to work with me. And I need to learn how to use EEG/ERPLab in a more specific way.​

I have my own computer and software. I just need the a consultant to work with me.

I will appreciate any information or advice anyone can give me in this matter. Thanks for your time.






Shayra Helena Burgos-García 

Adjunct Instructor

Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Tulane University


PhD Candidate


Tulane University


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Makoto Miyakoshi
Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience
Institute for Neural Computation, University of California San Diego

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